Developer since 1982, I met VBA in 1998, and since then it's become my favorite programming language.
Often underestimated, VBA is a powerful tool allowing extraordinary results, especially to automate long, tedious and repetitive tasks.
Do you use MS Office at your workplace? Then VBA is the perfect tool to simplify your users' work, increasing their potential and productivity.

Hints, ideas, tips, tricks, unusual code. Visit the shop to download free VBA samples, but also tutorials about useful and interesting topics, and tools to embed in your projects.

VBA shop: Last arrivals

  • [Tutorial] Automatic table relinking

    An easy way to automatically relink tables in our front end, when we have to move it back and forth between different locations (e.g. Development and Production).

  • [Workshop] Approximate String Matching

    A technique which allows users to perform approximate searches on a list of strings. They can enter an "approximation" of the string they are looking for, and still be able to get what they want.

  • [Tool] Config Table Manager

    A class to store, retrieve and delete your users' preferences and configuration items. You will be able to handle preferences per user and/or per machine, as well as multi-value keys (arrays).

  • [VBA Pill] Webcam in MS Access Free

    Do you want to control your webcam in an Access application? You can use a form to project it.