Who I am

I was born in Rome in 1965. I start attending the courses of Engineering at the University 'La Sapienza' in Rome, but soon I begin working as a programmer and teacher in computer science courses. By attending evening courses for a couple of years, I pass ten exams before deciding to join the Army, winning the selections to become a lieutenant. I spend the 10 month service time as an instructor of firearms.Back home, I change my study course and graduate in Computer Science with a thesis on adaptive authoring systems, which I later present in two international conferences, in Istanbul and Florence. Created in VB 3.0, it was a graphical system to automatically place objects in a museum.

In 1998 I start working for the Film Group International, a leader firm in multimedia CD production, but after a few months I decide to open my own company, Percorsi Grafici, specialized in multimedia CD production and graphics. Being already a consultant to the UN-World Food Programme, especially as a lecturer in computer science courses, I continue this business under my company's name.

In 2002 I have a chance to go to London for a training course on Shell's new working environment. After a successful final test, I become the only Italian teacher accredited by the Shell Group for the training of their staff.

In 2003 I begin my missions with the World Food Programme, with fifteen months in Afghanistan, followed by a couple of years at their Headquarters in Rome, where I work on ACORD, an MS Access innovative and experimental database. Then North Korea in 2008. Back to Rome on October 1st, I get married three days later.

In July 2009 my company closes, and I go back to freelance consultancies. I leave again for nine months in Ethiopia with WFP, and once back to Rome I decide to take a break and stay in Italy for a while, enjoying my new house and family life, blessed by the birth, in 2012, of little Francesco.

After seven months in Vienna for a job with the CTBTO, at the end of April 2013 I go back home for another job with Enel, the main Italian power supplier, as a VBA developer. The next year I get hired by Serco Services for a consulting job at the European Central Bank, so I moved to Frankfurt, where I have been living since August 2014.

All good things end: in 2020 my contract with Serco ends, and I'm back to my freelance activity. I am currently available for other job opportunities.