The Access Developer Conference is a yearly meeting where Access experts from Europe and USA present their works, progresses and ideas, endorsed by Microsoft. This year I was invited to present my work and my graphical interfaces with MS Access. It was a great honor and a welcome acknowledgement of my 20 years of experimentation on this fantastic application.

I have to say it was a great experience. My presentation was a great success that received enthusiastic comments, to say the least. A great satisfaction! These are some of the comments which appeared in the conference chat:

  • Amazing form designs, Alessandro Grimaldi! Microsoft can take a big leaf out of this book!
  • That's some impressive out of the box thinking there!
  • This is how we get young programmers interested in Access!
  • RE: "Is this a commercial package of tools?" If it's not it should be
  • Wow! I wonder how you do these interactive graphics in Access
  • Stunning
  • I cede my time during the Q&A for Alessandro to show us how he does all of this
  • Spectacular!
  • Fantastic Alessandro. You have inspired me to learn more about visualization in Access
  • We'll pay $! (smile)

And here is a review of my presentation: