[19 May 2022]España AUG

My presentation for España Access User Group was similar to the one I delivered for the DAAUG: "Dynamic User Interfaces with Access". I showed some of my interfaces and sketch the so called "master-slave class" technique, to handle an array of objects with events.

[29 April 2022]DevCon 2022

For the second time I've been invited to the Microsoft Access Developer Conference, the biggest MS Access developers in Europe, endorsed by Microsoft. Two days packed with presentations by experts from Europe and the USA. I TRIED to present a selection of my "VBA Pills", commenting the code. Unfortunately, major connection problems made it almost impossible, so my session had to be re-recorded separately.

[02 March 2022]EAUG Inaugural Meeting

The Europe Access User Group provide a forum for IT pros, developers, and new users to share and learn about Access. The group focuses on innovative and lesser known features in Access, with an invited speaker discussing a topic for the first 45 minutes of the session. The remaining time is used for Q&A, share ideas and suggest topics for future sessions. This is our inaugural meeting.

[16 September 2021]DAAUG

The Denver Area Access User Group was established in 1994 in order to help Access users at all skill levels. They organize monthly interactive labs, general meetings and special events.
My presentation was named "Dynamic User Interfaces with Access". I showed some of my interfaces and sketched the so called "master-slave class" technique, to handle an array of objects with events.

[07 July 2021]Drag and Drop with MS Access

In this second live workshop of my "Advanced interfaces with MS Access" series, I show the technique on which most of my interfaces are built: how to drag and drop a control on an Access form (e.g. image, text box, label). Lines can also be used to link the draggable objects. This technique (and its variations, some of which were explained in these 3 hour workshop) is great to visually show relations among entities, and can be applied to a huge number of situations.

[10 June 2021]Approximated String Matching

First live workshop of my "Advanced interfaces with MS Access" series. We learn how to implement the so called "Levenshtein Distance" to perform an approximate string search. This technique is particularly useful when you want to perform a search on a set of values using "approximate" search values. This clip shows a possible application (UN - WFP Ethiopia, 2010-2011): searching an Ethiopian location was not easy at all, because of the different transliterations from Amharic. An approximate string search solved the problem, so the users were able to find what they were looking for, without being forced to remember the exact spelling of each location. Note that this is something completely different from the use of jolly characters such as '?' and '*'.

[23 April 2021]DevCon 2021

The Microsoft Access Developer Conference is a yearly meeting where Access experts from Europe and USA present their works, progresses and ideas, endorsed by Microsoft. I was invited to present my work and my graphical interfaces with MS Access, my first appearance on the Access developers international scene. It was a great honor and a welcome acknowledgement of my 20 years of experimentation on this fantastic application.