What I do

I am a computer consultant specialized in VBA (Visual Basic for Application), the programming language used by the Microsoft Office suite (Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point, etc.). These applications are greatly underestimated. Their potential is immense, not limited to what their more or less complex graphical interface shows. With VBA you can develop extremely powerful and versatile applications, saving time, work, errors and money. A powerful tool allowing extraordinary results, especially automating long, tedious and repetitive tasks.

In years, I have developed advanced techniques to generate interactive graphical interfaces. I applied these techniques to almost all the tools I created, to share data among the MS Office applications (but also, to some extent, applications external to it, such as Lotus Notes) and to highly automate simple and complex tasks, simplifying users' work, increasing their potential and productivity. But I also created complex, enterprise-level applications (usually based on Access) to handle huge amount of documents or cataloging mails and attachments, automatically generating Word documents or Power Point presentations, again with interactive, animated, drag-and-drop based interfaces.

In the following video I talk a bit about VBA, what it is and what it can do. Some advanced applications are also presented that give an idea of the potential of this extraordinary and too underrated programming language.